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Sunday Night Blues – 12 June 2022

This was the last Sunday Night Blues of the spring session. We had the core group again; Maurice, Colin, Marcel, Espen, Francesco, Lucas, Kyoko, and Christian. Unfortunately, Tim was feeling under the weather and couldn’t make it.

We played Mannish Boy and Sweet Home Chicago. It sounded pretty good and everyone was in high spirits.

We then took time to work on Mustang Sally. We did a first play through and then worked on a quiet down part. We played it again adding in the new ideas. It sounded great and Lucas had the spotlight with his blazing solos.

Scenes from Sunday Night Blues
Sunday Night Blues @ Volt

We took a break to do a feedback session as Espen had to leave early. We talked about the future jam sessions and plans for next time.

After the break, we played through the remaining song in this order:

Thanks A Lot
Thrill is Gone
Keep Your Hands To Your Self

During Thrill is Gone, Lucas showed the members new chords and phrases.
Colin and Lucas changed places and we did a final Thrill is Gone by request to practice the Ideas Lucas gave us earlier.

We would like to thank all participants in Sunday Night Blues and a big thanks to Lucas from Muziekschool Plug & Play for helping organize this.

For Autumn 2022, we will update our venues based on participant feedback, which may include public open jams at Cafés as well as workshops. More updates to come!

RockSo Out!

Sunday Night Blues – 5 June 2022

The 7th Sunday Night Blues with 7 members! The line-up was, Maurice on vocals, Colin on drums and guitar, Lucas on guitar and drums, Marcel on guitar, Tim on guitar, Kyoko on organ, and Christian on the bass.

This was the second to last Sunday Night Jam. We went through the list of songs that we have learned over the last 7 weeks. Here are the songs we played in order.

  • Mannish Boy
  • Sweet Home Chicago
  • Mustang Sally
  • Thanks A Lot
  • Johnny Be Good style Jam
  • Thrill Is Gone
  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  • Ain’t gone and Give Up on Love (partial play through)
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb

Everyone was in good spirits and Tim sounded great with his new Kaminari Liquid 2! We are finally getting comfortable with the songs and are also practicing the endings of the songs. I know with just a little more practice, we can be ready for a live performance one day soon!

Don’t miss the last Jam Night next Sunday!

Sunday Night Blues – 29 May 2022

This was our 6th Sunday Night Blues! Maurice with us again and Kyoko on organ. We started off with Mustang Sally to get warmed up. Again Colin on drums and Christian were on bass. This time everyone was in the pocket and lively. We quickly went into Mannish Boy and the energy grew even more!

We went through a full set of songs this time.

  • Mustang Sally
  • Mannish Boy
  • Thanks A Lot
  • Thrill Is Gone
  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  • Sweet Home Chicago
  • Pride And Joy
  • Mary Hand A Little Lamb

We then played Thanks A lot! Followed by The Thrill Is Gone. Lucas played drums for these and Colin jumped on guitar. Thanks Colin for taking time to teach the guys a few chords and ideas!

We also had a proper break time and a few members went into the main area of Volt to have a beer and chat.

We also played Sweet Home Chicago and then tried to play through a few SRV songs include Pride and Joy and Mary had a Little Lamb with Colin still on guitar. We will work on them again next time! All in all it was one of the most exciting Sunday Night Blues so far!

Sunday Night Blues – 22 May 2022

This week we had a small group for Sunday Night Blues, but Maurice the singer was with us again. We had a new female participant. It was also the first time with Kyoko on organ! We started off with Mannish Boy to get warmed up. Again Colin on drums and Christian were on bass. Next, we jammed through Sweet Home Chicago. Everyone did their best!

Sunday Night Blues Set List
The set list

We then played The Thrill Is Gone. Colin and Christian kept the beat slow and steady! And Marcel and Tim had multiple solos. Lucas also had a chance to shine with blazing solos through out! After that we did Thanks A Lot! Everyone enjoyed jamming!

After a short break we tried Keep Your Hands To Yourself by the Georgia Satellites. Maurice led the group on drums and also sang along while playing! At the end with Christian on drums we played Mustang Sally. Thank you all for coming! See you next week!

Sunday Night Blues – 15 May 2022

We had the 4th session in a series of Sunday Night Blues.

It was another beautiful day in May. We enjoyed the short walk (only 6 minutes away!) from RockSo Music Sittard Shop to Poppodium Volt.

This was our 4th Sunday Night Blues Jam. This week we again had the pleasure of having Maurice on the mic! We got warmed up with The Thrill is Gone. It sounded great, and everyone had a chance to solo. Colin and Christian were on drums and bass and Lucas was in top form with his beautiful gold top Les Paul.

Then once again we played Mustang Sally. The members tried to remember the guitar variations we learned last week. This song is really coming along and soon it will be ready for the stage performance. We just need to work out the ending!

The beauty of our Sunday Night Blues is that anyone can try their talent at any other instrument.

Sunday Night Blues May 2022
Rhythm Section

We took a short break and then Christian showed us all some guitar variations for Thanks A Lot. The members took some time learning the new chords and rhythm ideas.

We finished the evening learning Sweet Home Chicago. We played through it quite a few times and then took a break. During the break some of the members enjoyed playing classic rock riffs and teaching each other.

One more last play through of Sweet Home Chicago and we were all done for the evening!

Sunday Night Blues – 8 May 2022

Last Sunday was the next session of Sunday Night Blues at Volt. This week we had a smaller group compared to last week. There were 8 members in total. After a sound check we warmed up with The Thrill Is Gone. Participants took turns to solo and got warmed up.

Aside from the song list, there was an important lesson for the participants, namely the jam session etiquettes:

  • Who is soloing?
  • Am I too loud?
  • Don’t step on anyone else’s toes.

Since we had a smaller group this time, we decided it was a good chance for a workshop. Using Mustang Sally as the example song, Lucas and Christian showed the group new ways to play the rhythm guitar parts. We all learned 3 ways. We appointed 3 members to play each new part. It sounded incredible and everyone enjoyed learning and jamming. Lucas also taught us all the major scale and each member had a chance to try their hand and improvising using the new scale. Everyone gave it their best shot and realized that practice does make perfect.

Colin tries KAMINARI Liquid2.

We finished the evening with Christian on drums, Colin on guitar, and Lucas on bass for a funky groove that lasted the remaining 25 minutes of the night.
Thank you everyone for joining and we’ll see you all next time!
RockSo out!

Sunday Night Blues – 1 May 2022

1 May was our second regular blues jam with some participants that were not there last week. We started off reviewing Mannish Boy and Thrill Is Gone. Lucas helped last week’s member review as the newcomers learned new chords. Colin and Christian kept the groove steady on drums and bass while Maurice appointed the next person to take the spotlight on lead guitar.

Then we introduced Maurice to Thanks A Lot and went over the lyrics and chord changes. Again, Maurice called out the next person to solo. Thanks a lot, Maurice, for leading the way! And the last song of the evening was Mustang Sally.

The final performance of the evening was a trio featuring Lucas on guitar, Colin on drums, and Christian on bass. They played a slow blues jam that was an example to the group of what’s t come next session. We are all looking forward to it.

Bass players still wanted. New members welcome!

Sunday Night Blues – 24 April 2022

We had our first Sunday night blues jam in series on 24 April. Thanks to all participants!
It was a more intimate group consisting of 7 people this time.

We warmed up with Mannish Boy and Mustang Sally, the songs we covered from the tryout session. Then we learned Thrill Is Gone and enjoyed blazing guitar solos from Lucas. We finished the night with Otis Clay’s version of the song “Thanks A Lot”. Participants cut loose with their creative solos and improvisation while Colin and Christian kept the groove on drums and bass. Also, Christian treated us all with his ‘rare’ performance on lead vocal for Thanks A Lot!

We will continue with the next session Sunday 1 May. Hope to see you all there!!

Sunday Night Blues – Tryout Report

We had the cure for Sunday night blues for those that participated in the blues jam at Poppodium Volt on 3 April 2022. Besides an army of 10+ guitarists, we had a pro-singer, a drummer, a guitar/harmonica player, and a few volunteers who took turns to play bass.

With 15 people in a rehearsal room, it felt a bit cramped but cozy at the same time. Out of the chaos of our first attempt came solid renditions of Mannish Boy and Mustang Sally.

What’s to Come

We will start our weekly sessions from 24 April. The current plan is to learn enough blues songs together for a performance at the end of 7-session program.

We still have room for bass players!

Sunday Night Blues – Tryout

RockSo Music, together with Muziekschool Plug & Play, brings a night of Blues Jam to anyone interested in playing blues with other musicians.

A trial run will take place at Poppodium Volt Sittard from 18:00 – 21:00 on Sunday 3 April 2022. Participation in the trial run is FREE. And we will collect participant feedback at the end of the session. Sign up here and join us!

Regular weekly Sunday Night Blues will begin in late April 2022.