EBS Session 30 MK3 Bass Combo Amp


EBS Session 30 MK3 Bass Combo Amp is likely the most transparent tiny bass combo you can find and an excellent tool to practice and develop as a bass player.


EBS Session 30 MK3 Bass Combo Amp sets itself apart from other small-size bass combos by featuring a quality tweeter. Along with an 8″ speaker, the tweeter ensures high-frequency notes are clear and precise, resulting in a full-range tone that lets your bass take center stage.

Improve Your Practice Routine with Bluetooth Audio Streaming. EBS Session 30 Mk3 Bass Combo is more than a handy amplifier. It’s a comprehensive tool designed to enrich your bass playing. With the added tweeter ensuring unmatched tonal clarity and Bluetooth audio streaming for inspiring practice sessions, the EBS Session 30 Mk3 is a perfect little amp for bassists seeking a small, practical bass combo.

Solid State
Channels: 1
Power: 30 W RMS
Frequency range: 35 – 20,000 Hz
Speaker: 1x 8″ with tweeter
Controls: Gain (with peak LED), bass, treble & volume
Bluetooth for audio streaming (stereo in headphones / mono via the speaker) & ground lift
Input: 6.3 mm jack
Balanced XLR post output
Headphone output
Dimensions (W x H x D): 310 x 330 x 240 mm
Weight: 7.3 kg