Make Your Own Oopegg Guitar

Oopegg Philosophy
Established in May 2019. High-end and boutique guitar brand
handmade in Japan that creates products with unique designs
and specifications you have never been seen before, and carefully
creates each one without any compromise. We called our
products “Neo Bizarre” guitar. In order to provide guitar players
who demands unsurpassed quality and playability with our
ultimate boutique guitars, we are committed to the process of
selecting wood and parts, painting, assembling, and setting up as
much as possible, and we envision the joy of reaching our

Make your own Oopegg guitar!
Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-1 Line-ups
Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-1 Standard Specs
Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-1 Order Options
Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-1 Colors - Solid/Metallic
Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-1 Colors - Sparkle & Pickguard Materials

Oppegg guitars are custom made to order. You can select the body color, pickguard color, and pickup combination.

OOPEGG guitars are handmade in Japan.
Deliver schedule is 3-4 months after order.

Before you order, please look at what we currently have in stock in our webstore. If you don’t see what you like, contact us to build your own dream Oopegg Guitar today!