ChickenPicks Bermuda IIIP 2.1mm guitar pick


ChickenPicks Bermuda IIIP 2.1mm guitar pick, curved triangle shape with pointy edges

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ChickenPicks Bermuda IIIP 2.1mm guitar pick
Why ChickenPicks guitar picks…??

Above all, it is the material that makes a ChickenPicks® unique. This is a high-quality and highly-durable thermosetting plastic. It is an extremely hard substance – hard enough to make ChickenPicks® last a long time, even for years of heavy use. But it is smooth, too… so smooth that a ChickenPicks® eliminates annoying and unwanted overtones when you play. Finally it is plastic ! The density of the material gives the ChickenPicks® a greater amount of mass. This mass, in combination with a precisely angled edge, makes a ChickenPicks® the perfect tool to improve your sound, and make your playing easier. The precisely angled edge of the ChickenPicks® is essential in creating the right tone and the perfect attack. Years of development have given the makers of ChickenPicks® the expertise needed to ensure that every ChickenPicks® is finished with just the right attack-angle to give you the greatest ease of playing and the strongest, clearest possible tone….!!

“Personality and your own character in one guitar pick”

There is nothing finer or more reassuring than having your own special pick – that one that you always reach for because it plays so good! ChickenPicks® are designed to be that “go-to” pick from the get-go. Though the material is extremely durable, it does wear – just a little, and in just the right way. That’s why after a while, a ChickenPicks® comes to fit perfectly in your grip and in your musical style. This is a pick that will grow on you, and grow with you. The ChickenPicks® advantage is simply this: a hand-made, durable, and personal pick that brings a lot more of YOU and your character into the music you play. This is something that an average, thin, throw-away guitar pick can never offer.

Stop breaking strings!

To get a full sound with thinner picks you have to pick harder than you do with a ChickenPicks®. This means that you break more strings when using a conventional pick. A ChickenPicks® guitar picks will reduce string breakage.

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