You Need To Hear These: KAMINARI Cables

When it comes to guitar cables, quality matters. That’s why Kaminari high-quality instrument cables are making waves in the music industry. Made in Japan, these cables are designed to deliver exceptional tone and sound quality, whether you are playing guitar, bass, or ukulele.

But don’t just take our word for it. You need to hear it to believe it. We invite you to try a demo comparison and experience the difference for yourself. Compare Kaminari with your usual brand of cable and prepare to be amazed.

During the sound test, you’ll notice the clarity and depth that Kaminari cables bring to your music. The rich, vibrant tones will make your guitar sound like never before. Whether you’re playing a gentle acoustic melody or shredding on an electric guitar, Kaminari cables ensure every note is heard with precision and accuracy.

What sets Kaminari apart from other guitar cables is the attention to detail and craftsmanship. These professional guitar cables are built to last, with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the road. Say goodbye to annoying crackling sounds and unreliable connections.

Once you experience the difference with Kaminari, you’ll never go back to using your normal guitar cable again. Kaminari cables will bring out the best of your guitar tone and inspire your creativity.

So why wait? Try a demo comparison today at RockSo Music and hear Kaminari cables for yourself. Your ears will thank you.

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If you’re a beginner looking to embark on your musical journey, we have exciting news for you! We have recently expanded our collection of starter guitars and guitar amplifiers. Whether you’re interested in strumming chords or shredding solos, we have the perfect gear to get you started.

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Our selection of electric guitars includes renowned brands such as Washburn, Sterling, and SX. Each brand offers unique features and designs, allowing you to find the guitar that resonates with your style and personality. From classic tones to good looks, these guitars will inspire you to unleash your creativity.

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When it comes to amplifiers, we understand that beginners need options that are both affordable and reliable. That’s why we recommend NUX amplifiers for those starting their guitar journey or those on a budget. NUX amplifiers provide excellent sound quality and versatility, allowing you to experiment with different tones and effects.

Whether you’re practicing in your bedroom or jamming with friends, NUX amplifiers will give you the sound and features that you need.

Expert Advice and Support

At our store, we believe in supporting beginners every step of the way. We are always ready to assist you in choosing the right guitar and amplifier for your needs. Starting out can be overwhelming, but with our guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision.

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Oopegg Guitars Are Here!

RockSo Music had the privilage to meet Oopegg Guitars at The Yokohama Music Style Event. RockSo Music is proud to introduce Oopegg Guitars to our shop in Sittard.

Established in May 2019. High-end and boutique guitar brand
handmade in Japan that creates products with unique designs
and specifications you have never been seen before, and carefully
creates each one without any compromise. We called our
products “Neo Bizarre” guitar. In order to provide guitar players
who demands unsurpassed quality and playability with our
ultimate boutique guitars, we are committed to the process of
selecting wood and parts, painting, assembling, and setting up as
much as possible, and we envision the joy of reaching our

Mark-Ⅰ in 3-Tone Sunburst

Check out the Oopegg Page for all of the details and specs!