Aria Pro II LS-600D

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1980 made in Japan Aria Pro II LS-600D. This guitar is famous for the¬†DiMarzio Super Distortion¬†humbuckers. This one has added mini toggle switches that split the coils of each pickup. It looks stunning with it’s classic sunburst finish. The neck is straight and the original frets still are full of life. The word “Standard” on the truss rod cover is faded. There are some minor scratches on the back of the body and on the side. Also two small spots in the finish on the back of the neck. See photos. All in all it’s in very good condition for a 42 year old guitar.
This guitar plays and sounds killer. Great for classic rock or retro heavy metal.

– Solid 3-piece Maple top, Mahogany pancake body,
– 3-piece Maple neck.
– DiMarzio Super Distortion w/ mini toggle coil split
– Comes with a hard LP style case.Hoodie in sweatshirt fabric made from a cotton blend.