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Beyond Tube Pre Amp

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Beyond Tube Pre Amp. Made in Japan.

The third vacuum tube effect pedal from Beyond, a brand founded mainly by engineers from Sony!

Preamp was developed after Booster and Buffer. In other words, it's a pedal with a 3-band EQ in addition to the Buffer function and Booster function.
As with the previous two types, just by passing it through, the density from the low range to the mid range is greatly increased, and you can obtain the nuances peculiar to the tube such as a slight compression and saturation.
Electro Harmonix 12AU7EH is used for the vacuum tube, giving priority to sound over cost.
Beyond does not make any cost cuts that impair the function or reduce the quality of their products. The pedals are made with the highest priority on performance.

Beyond pedals are used by Marty Friedman.

Caution: Beyond Pedals operate with 9v 180mA adaptors with center negative. MXR:M237 or similar is recommended.

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