New and Vintage Japanese Guitars

RockSo Music brings the best of Japanese guitars to Europe. In our shop, you will find high quality new and vintage playable guitars and basses. We are always on the lookout for interesting instruments.
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Tokai Guitars and Basses

Tokai Guitars were famous for their "lawsuit" guitars. Tokai make replicas that are of the highest quality. It was well know in the 70s and 80s that Tokai guitars were much better than Gibson and Fender USA.

Made in Japan Tokai guitars continue the tradition of high quality electric Gibson and Fender style guitars.
The Love Rock Model, Goldstar Sound, Springy Sound, and Breezy Sound models are among the most popular Tokai models.

Tokai has own factory and has built guitars for many famous known brands such as Fernandes and Fender Japan.

RockSo Music is proud to offer Made in Japan Tokai guitars. Come on in and play one today. Playing is believing!